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Original faucet/tap for massage cabin Kerra “Carina”; “Gibraltar L”; “Gibraltar P”; “IVO 80”; “IVO 90”; “Jukon L“; “Jukon P“; “Karolina 80“; “Karolina 90“; “Karolina 90 WH“; “Lisa 90“; “Lisa 90 WH“; “MIA 80”; “MIA 90”; “Oviedo 80“; “Oviedo 90“; “Paulina 80“; “Paulina 90“; “Presto 90“; “Strada 90“; “Silver Prime 90“; “Vigo 80“; “Vigo 90“.

Faucet has a standard 100 mm montage holes center distance. Water inlets are a standard G 1/2” thread. Water outlets will fit standard 10 mm internal diameter rubber hose.

Guaranty: 12 months.


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